The Rise of Coworking Spaces in Algeria

Stories - 22 mars 2016


Just last January Algeria had no coworking space to show for. Entrepreneurs, startups, bloggers and all independent professionals of all sorts were certainly marginalized compared to their counterparts around the world or even in Maghreb region by not having a permanent location to serve their needs, embrace their innovative spirit, and foster their desire to connect with likeminded members within the community.

February 6th marked the opening of The Address Coworking Space in Algiers. Sylabs, a coworking space and a talent accelerator, followed on March 7th. And just last week another one from Setif, Mon Atelier, came to light. Exciting times are ahead for the community as each one of these coworking spaces offer distinct value proposition and ambiance for their clients. This is no Pepsi vs. Coke battle….in a world of coworking, The Address, Sylabs, and Mon Atellier are no competitors. Our one common denominator is to create a space that generates a brighter future for our compatriots. That being said, I invite the community to come and visit these locations and rest assure that myself and fellow coworking founders will receive you with open arms.